Our Commitment to You

Excellence in patient care and caring require a consistent and thorough commitment. There are several ways you can learn more about our commitment to exceptional care.

CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) created the Five-Star Quality Rating System. To help you compare and learn more, CMS established a program called Nursing Home Compare, complete with a rating system, from one to five stars, with five stars being the highest rating. CMS creates the overall star rating for nursing homes from three criteria:

  1. Health inspections
  2. Quality of patient or resident care measures
  3. Staffing, calculated on staff-to-patient ratios

While many factors affect ratings and they can rise and fall depending on individual inspections, we are proud to maintain an overall five-star rating for Mission Healthcare at Bellevue. Mission Healthcare at Renton, having just opened in December 2018, has yet to receive a rating. Our same commitment to five-star care, quality, and safety exists in this new state-of-the-art facility, as it has long endured at our flagship facility in Bellevue. Over the past three years, our Bellevue location has consistently earned The Customer Experience Award™ from Pinnacle Quality Insight, a well-regarded leader in satisfaction measurement for post-acute care.  We are proud of our staff for their commitment to patient care, again earning our place among this year’s 2019 award winners.  

Another indicator of quality and safety is found in state-level oversight. Our state regulators conduct annual or biannual inspections to ensure we operate within state and national requirements. A deficiency-free rating indicates that our center not only meets the state’s safety and quality standards, but that our care is exemplary. Mission Healthcare at Bellevue is well regarded for our survey results. In fact, it has achieved a record seven deficiency-free state survey results. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate this same commitment to excellence when our Renton facility receives its first survey.

Our commitment to you is to provide exceptional care amid exceptional surroundings that is of the highest in quality, provides the greatest safety, and is respectful of the privacy that you and your loved ones deserve. Learn more about our commitment to quality, safety, and privacy.


The very best way to maintain effective quality measures is continual improvement. On multiple fronts, our multidisciplinary teams apply evidence-based best practices and robust improvement strategies to help us reach our goals. These goals include:

  1. Reduce the risk of rehospitalization and successfully return home or to next level of care.
  2. Manage pain, prevent bedsores/pressure ulcers, and improve movement.
  3. Prevent spread of disease, through vaccination, hand hygiene, and other sanitary procedures.


Our patients deserve a secure, warm, comforting environment to rest and heal. Along with maintaining the highest in quality care, our goal at Mission Healthcare is to ensure your safety and security. These safeguards include performing a fall assessment and instituting measures when needed, reducing the risk of choking when swallowing, and ensuring patient safety from abuse or neglect.


There are several aspects to privacy that are important to recognize and respect. Reflecting our commitment and compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, we respect your protected health information. We will share that information only when necessary in the delivery and management of your care.

As important as your privacy is respect for your dignity. We will respect your wishes, including religious or personal convictions. For example, should you wish a same-sex caregiver to dress or bathe you, we will make all efforts to fulfill that request.

Finally, we hold a deep regard for your protection and security. We ask that you leave treasured valuables at home, such as rings and other jewelry. We do this because during this period of rehabilitative care and transition, it is easy to misplace such valuables. We are also deeply committed to your personal protection, ensuring that first-time visitors are escorted, that patients are overseen at all times, and that after normal business hours, our facility is secure from unauthorized entry or access.

If you have any questions regarding our specific policies, please ask your nurse manager or caregiver.