Fall Prevention & Balance

We help improve your quality of life and reduce further risks

Whether you were injured or if you had a health event like heart attack or stroke, your risk of further injury from a fall is incredibly high. The Mission Healthcare Rehabilitation Therapy team offers exceptional care to help you reduce the risk of falls and restore your balance.

Our approach is to develop an individualized program, ensuring you work one on one with your physical or occupational therapist, as well as other professional therapy team members. Our treatment program incorporates stretching and strength training, along with proven technologies, such as electrotherapy to stimulate your muscles. Our patients substantially reduce their risk for fall incidences, improving outcomes and leading to a better quality of life.

Reduce your and risk of further injury through falls We lower readmission rates and reduce length of stay, even among the most fragile patients.
Build your balance and endurance and improve your walking gaitWe support or even improve quality measurements for neuro diagnosis codes.
Enhance or rebuild your quality of lifeWe will help make exceptional, positive difference in the lives of your patients.
Educate and train your support networkWe educate patients, family, and clinical staff, alike.

We encourage you to learn about the treatments available to you. For more information our balance and fall prevention therapy programs, contact our team. We are here to help.