Wound Care

Helping you heal faster

We can help you recover and restore your quality of life

At Mission Healthcare, we understand wound care. There are many causes of sores and open wounds. You could have experienced blunt force injury, or a long recuperation and extended lack of movement, or your wound may have been brought on or exacerbated by medical conditions. Your wounds are as individual as you. As a result, each patient receives a unique recovery program and works, individually, as well as with a team to help you recover and restore your quality of life.

Whether inpatient or outpatient, at Mission Healthcare, our approach combines proven medicine and therapy programs. Nursing, electrotherapy, ultrasound, and diathermy come together to form a collaborative approach. Our goal is to increase circulation while improving your healing process. If adaptive equipment is necessary, we’ll customize a learning program for you and your loved ones that helps you quickly become an expert at using the devices.

Reduce infection risk and increase circulation, helping to dramatically reduce wound size We lower readmission rates and reduce length of stay, even among the most fragile patients.
Experience a specific reduction in pain and swellingWe support or even improve your quality measurements.
Enhance or rebuild your quality of lifeWe will help make exceptional, positive difference in the lives of your patients.
Educate and train your support networkWe educate patients, family, and clinical staff, alike.

For more information on inpatient or outpatient wound care services, contact our team. We are here to help.